Have you ever just put all your trust in God that he was going to take care of your every need? We see it work in the lives of Missionaries, Pastors, Evangelist and so many more. They TRUST GOD that he will take care of them and their ministries. These heroes of the faith don’t charge for their ministry, they trust that churches and fellow Christians will come alongside them and support them in their ministry. Can you imagine a Missionary going into a country and telling them that in order to hear about the LORD they would need to pay an entrance fee? Can you imagine Billy Graham telling people coming to his crusades that they must pay a fee to hear him preach?


Camp Eagle Rock is our family’s ministry to you and your congregation. We work tirelessly every week praying that you, your children, your church members, and your family are ministered to here at Camp Eagle Rock. We want your group to have an experience where they grow closer to the Lord or even make a decision to follow Christ while at camp.

It is for this reason that we have a radical pricing structure. We don’t have one. We want you to bring as many people as you possibly can to be ministered to without a “cap” because you can’t afford it. We ask that you make a donation to the camp, the best you can, whatever you can, what GOD places on your heart to do. Maybe even consider as an individual or as a church to make a monthly donation to the camp to help keep us going. But none of this is dependent on you coming to camp. We don’t look at your donation before you arrive to determine what we will and won’t do. Most groups don’t even make a donation until camp is over. We walk in faith that GOD will take care of us and will supply our needs.

So come, bring your group, minister to them, and allow us to minister with you in facilities and food. Together, let's help build some lifelong servant leaders in your congregation!